Our adventure began in 2007 when we began the process of converting to natural management of the estate.

Our choice was inevitable, and was the result of a profound process of change in us which began with the birth of our first son, Filippo...

Enough with chemicals and synthetics…enough with sulphur… 

But when we met the biodynamic philosophy, all change.

Now our focus is the ground, the habitat where the plants live, eat and grow up.

We began to work our ground in depht in autumn, to put oxigen inside, essential for life.
Then we put seeds to create the structure  And 500 preparation, to give our ground the personality, and to create humus. The life.
In the spring, we spray the 501, corno silice, to stimulate the photosynthesis.
Low doses of copper and sulfur and so much respect, the same we use in the cellar, during the fermentation, all  spontaneous, and reducing the use of sulphites.
Aging in cement, steel, and second passage tonneaux, not to alter the soul of our wines.