There are aromatic nuances you would not expect; sensory alchemy that can not be explained except by rediscovering the expressive nature, the origins of an area.
We breathe and work in this land.
These fields produce our wines, expressive wines, local, real and unique, scanned from the evolution in time, and marked by a bold directness.

Wine = Grape: This is the mathematical formula, the equation from which we begin to describe our creations. Living fruits, intense, which leads us, in any place and at any time, to the sunny days of September in the lines, at the harvest. Wine in which nature takes form and substance, and where man's impact becomes nonexistent.

This must be the wine: reality, truth ... not the mere style of a winemaker, but the projection of a territory, the people who work and live. We walk our vineyards, which we love.
Because of this, we do not distort what they give us, but we work hard to preserve their authenticity, their natural expression. The heat, the color, the richness of a wine are to be found first in the countryside and not the wine cellar.
First there is the seed, then the fruit, then the hands that grasp, and above all things, the passion and love for the land...

This is our "reasoned viticulture". This is our "emotional wine". Meeting between the heart and mind, passion and truth, between man and nature. Every story has a beginning ... and this is our story.